Famous shipwrecks of Maldives

Beneath Maldives, the jewel of the Indian Ocean, lies the fascinating world of the beautiful Maldivian house reefs. These wonderful house reefs are home to many ships that has met a watery grave on the shallow reefs.

The warm clear waters of Maldives offers a fantastic opportunity to observe as the coral reefs grows over the hulls of wrecked ships creating a magical home for the majestic faunas.


Maldives victory

This shipwreck lies in the North Male Atoll near Hulhule Airport Island. This ship met its untimely fate on Friday, 13th February 1981 when it was carrying goods to the capital city. Desperate attempts were made to save the treasures of the ship but could not do so. Maldives gained an excellent dive site. Many marine lives have found shelter in this site. When you make your way back to the stern of the ship along the outer hull where you would be able to see nudibranchs and pipefish nestle in the wheelhouse. And as you ascend be sure to gaze beneath your fins to get a view of the entire wreck.



Rannamaari Wreck

This is one of the most famous shipwrecks of Maldives. Named after a local Folklore story, this ship sunk in 1999 after being towed to Angsana Ihuru Maldives. This wreck site is now home to colorful reefs and thousands of sea creatures. This year marks 17 years since the ship that has been sitting on the seabed of Angsana Maldives. Each year, the resort organizes a 24-hour long dive to mark its anniversary. This event is open to the public and aims to promote the area for more people.



The Halaveli Wreck

Originally known as Highly 18, this cargo vessel sunk in 1991 and lies in the depth of 28 meters. This wreck lies near the luxurious resort, Constance Halaveli Maldives and is accessible by a boat. This diving site is more suitable for Intermediate level divers. Divers encounter large morays, turtles, mantas and several other sea creatures.



This is one of the most iconic landmarks of Lhaviyani Maldives. Situated near Kuredu Maldives Resort, there are 2 wrecks, one which dramatically floats above the surface. The first shipwreck was one of the first tuna collecting vessels that was used in Maldives. However, the ship caught fire and sank to the reef where it lies today. The second shipwreck lies in the depth of around 30 meters. This ship first arrived in Maldives without permission so the government seized the possession of this ship where it was used as a cargo ship. In 1984, the ship produced faults. The crew had tried to reach Felivaru for repairs but it sank just meters away from their destination. The crew of both the ships were unharmed and had managed to swim to safety. And now these wrecks are excellent dive sites with many beautiful marine lives making its home.