Honeymoon 101

5 Tips for Honeymoon Packing

Congratulations! After month and months of wedding planning, it’s time to start your new life together now isn’t it? Here are some 5 incredible tips for your honeymoon packing.


1 – Early bird Special

The first key to a blissful honeymoon packing is to start planning early. Get your air tickets, confirm your accommodations, investigate your airline carrier’s baggage rules and health and travel advisors before you travel. Avoid last minute stress doing all of these things.


2 – Take prescribed medicine

Always take doctor prescribed medicine such as sea sickness medicine if you are weak for the ocean, Inhaler for asthma, cold remedies, etc… Neither of you wants to get sick on your honeymoon now is it? So consult  a doctor and get the prescribed medications before you head on your journey. That way you can be on the safe side,


3 – Share your baggage

Just in case if your baggage gets stolen, divide your belongings to each other’s baggage’s so that just in case you won’t have to worry too much about not having any clothes to wear and etc… But keep your  important gadgets  in your handbag so that you won’t have to search for them in your luggage.


4 – Prepare for delays

Always expect the unexpected. Just in case you face a flight delay, be ready! Bring in some snacks and books to read and games to play so that you won’t be bored by not doing anything. Also always bring extra batteries to keep your phones and other gadgets charged.


5 – Get your camera ready

Your honeymoon is an important milestone in your life. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the precious moments. By taking these pictures, you can keep them for  you to refer to them later and reminisce  on the times time and laugh together as you show them to your sons and daughters as you grow old.