American superstars Gabrielle and Wade arrives in Maldives for Honeymoon

American actress and model Gabrielle Union has arrived in Maldives with her husband wade recently for her honeymoon adventure with her husband Dwyane Wade. Currently, no information has been shared on the duration of their stay or which resort they are staying at.

Gabrielle Union born October 29, 1972, is an American actress and model active since the year 1993. She made her debut as a supporting actress in the teen comedy films such as 10 things I hate about you, She’s all that, etc.. She is mostly known for her role in The Brothers, Daddy’s little girls, etc…

Dwyane Wade born in January 17, 1982 is a professional basketball player since 2003. He has won several awards though out the years.He plays for the league NBA.

In 2008, the couple was introduced to each other by a colleague in one of Wade’s basketball games. The couple started dating in 2009, became engaged in December 2013 and finally married in 2014. The couple has a son, Xavier who is now 2 ½ years old. Gabrielle is also a step-mother to wade’s 2 other children as well.


The couple has spent honeymoon in Maldives before and they have mentioned that they loved every bit of the holiday and hopes to return each year.