Baa Atoll – the most surreal place to dive

Baa atoll in Maldives is known to be the greatest diving destination in Maldives. Known for its wide range of rich diving spots, the amazing UNESCO Biosphere reserve is located in the atoll. Diving is something you can do during your honeymoon stay in Baa atoll islands. Divers and snorkelers will be able to see various endangered species such as manta rays, whale sharks and various vibrant house reefs and sea creatures. Below I’m going to highlight some rich diving sites in Baa atoll Maldives.

1 – Hanifaru Bay

This is one of the richest diving spots of Maldives and is also heaven to all the marine enthusiastic. The reasons why Hanifaru is phenomenal is because planktons are trapped in the lagoon during the west monsoons from May – November. This attracts a lot of sharks, manta rays and other various majestic sea creatures. The top reef is about 3 – 5 meters deep while the bottom reef reaches up to 30 meters. Over the years, this spot has become the world’s largest manta ray feeding destination.



2 – Dharavandhoo Thila

Situated in the south side of Dharavandhoo Island, this reef has a depth of 5 meters. The vibrant Dhravandhoo Thila has a sandy slope, one side with big coral reef blocks and is surrounded by graceful corals which is known to provide shelter to various sea creatures. Mostly you would be able to see sting rays, bannerfish and nurse sharks in this house reef.  The sandy side provides a good opportunity to end the dive in the shallow part and see the majestic Manta rays during Manta season.


3 – Nelivaru Haa

Nelivaru Haa is one of the most unique underwater destinations in Baa atoll which starts at a depth 14 meters. The coral formation sits on a sandy bottom which is around 30 meters. Nelivaru Haa is known to various soft corals and other various marine lives. As you dive, you would be able to see Inquisitive bat fish accompany you where ever you go. The reef is broken up in pieces and forms several cracks in which small marine lives shelters in.


4 – Ohagli Haa

This amazing underwater reef has a depth which starts at 4 meters. The side of Ohgali Haa is steeply sloped. You would be able to see schools of humpback snappers, yellow snappers, etc… Divers will be able to see manta rays swimming around occasionally.


5 – Anga Faru

Anga Faru has a depth which starts at 3 meters deep and slopes gently for some distance until it builds a number of bay-shaped formations.  Divers will be able to move on the slope and drift towards the formation. In here you will discover a school of barracudas and turtles.