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One of our writers got married not too long ago and she recently returned from her honeymoon. Here she’s going to advise and give you what shes learned about planning a honeymoon.

I wish I knew to build time to pack.

For our honeymoon, we chose to go to Maldives. We visited all the beautiful sand banks and the majestic house reefs. We left for our honeymoon the day after the wedding which was so much fun. But really I should have just given myself some time or maybe weeks to pack beforehand. We ended up packing up our bags at the last minute and ultimately, it was difficult accessing what we needed along the way because our bags were so disorganized.

I wish I knew how exhausted we were.

Since weddings are such emotional events and theres no way you aren’t gonna be tired afterwards. We even kept going from one island to another.  In fact we even made a few restaurant reservations and fewer activities. We normally took a walk and explore rather than rush to places. This made the trip more relaxed. We went to  a lot of islands exploring the islands and its culture. It was amazing

I wish I knew to get more souvenirs.

My husband and I just love tropical islands and sandy beaches. We went to so many different, iconic places along the way. But I wish we had collected more creative souvenirs to bring home as a reminder of our amazing adventure in Maldives. Still, I did manage to get one good memento: a coconut turtle from Kuredu Maldives, the resort we stayed on our first night of our honeymoon.

I wish I knew to fly first class

My husband and I agreed that airplanes are not so romantic so we decided not to do so much during our trip to Maldives. There were lots of complications with our seat arrangements and we weren’t able to sit together on our way home. But the flight attendants were very nice as they sent us champagne which was on the house, but it would have been a lot better had we been sitting together—ideally up front.