Experience at Lily Beach

The Serenity of the beach views

My honeymoon experience at Lily Beach Maldives has been absolutely lovely. Lily Beach was an amazing experience of a peaceful and relaxed Holiday. We stayed there for 9 nights late April and just didn’t want to come back!  We have stayed in several resorts in the Maldives before and Lily Beach definitely scores top in terms of service, amenities and quality of the platinum all-inclusive package.

We stayed at the beachfront bungalow 114 and it was amazing. It had a direct view of the beach and the ocean through an opening in the tree line which was quite spectacular. Some of the other beachfront bungalows do not have this so we it may be worth checking in advance if you want unobstructed views of the turquoise water from your bed. Our accommodation was quite spacious. We get to stay outside the patio and we get to walk right to the beach and even stay outside our terrace while we enjoy the beautiful sunset hues. The biggest plus point was the semi-open bathroom and the Jacuzzi.

We explored the house reef of Lily beach which was quite spectacular. We had a quite lovely dive with the experienced staffs of lily beach. We saw beautiful house reefs and many beautiful marine lives.  It was quite a sight. What we liked most was the manta rays. It was quite beautiful. The atmosphere was relaxed but at the same time very professional and everything was super well organized.

We visited the spa and we had a lovely time. The staffs were wonderful and professional. Also we got the privilege of seeing the beautiful house reefs while getting a treatment. I would recommend this hotel to anyone.

The food quality of Lily beach is super amazing. We loved every bit of the cuisines prepared by the staffs of Lily Beach. I can’t wait to go back to this beautiful island.