Honeymoon 101

What guys want (and don’t want) on their honeymoon

Couple walking by the beach at Maldives

When it comes to honeymoons, the groom would be expecting a lot of things just not as much as women but they want and don’t want on their honeymoon.

By interviewing a few guys, we have complied a list of things guys would want and don’t want for their honeymoon.

Good Weather

Of course, tropical honeymoons are the only types of destinations. Many of the guys have mentioned that they would like to have a place with good weather and lots of trees. That makes them put in a good mood.

Things to do

“We need a break from talking” said o. “We’d like to do some adrenaline-pumping activities like Jet Skiing or parasailing. All of them agreed that there should be some kind of water sports activity options or some sort of relaxing activity like spa treatments, etc…



Of Course. What’s a honeymoon without Sex right?  “This is the main activity of a honeymoon” Said one with a grin on his face.


What guys don’t want for their Honeymoon


“Kids are loud”

“Honeymoon should be a time for honeymoon”

These are the responses of the most guys we interviewed. By bringing kids, it distracts the couple from doing the things they like.


Waking up early

“Waking up early is torture”

Take your time to relax and have a good night’s rest before you wake up. Having to wake up early is something most of the people hate.


Tagging of Family and friends

If you have a clingy mother-in-law who follows you wherever you go, then it make your honeymoon most uncomfortable. I mean who would want their parent or friend tagging you along where ever you go especially on a Honeymoon!!!