Honeymoon in Anantara Maldives

When we decided to spend our honeymoon in Anantara Maldives, it was hard to find enough reviews about these islands. Therefore, after coming back, we have decided to leave our review for those who decide to go to Maldives.

Let’s start with the organization. We booked a tour for 11 days on. Our transfer was ordered in advance:

A 35-minute speed boat ride from Maldives airport to the resort. On the way we passed the uninhabited islands which is famous for youth parties and picnics.

At last, we are on the island of  Anantara Maldives. The hotel staffs, Ahmed and Muna greeted us with a smile on their face. We wanted a room with Ocean View and we got it! The room was quite simple: double bed, night tables, wardrobe, safe, bathroom and toilet – everything to spend a good night. The terrace view was amazing – a private plunge pool and also a huge ocean with blue water right in front of you! What an unforgettable experience for the newlyweds! So, we change clothes and go to explore this beautiful island.

As most of the staffs were locals, we hear them talk them in their own language.  There is a lot of vegetation and coconut palms around this beautiful resort.

The beach of this island is simply amazing! Crystal clear turquoise waters near the shore, fine pristine white sand, palm trees along the coast – it’s like in a movie! The water is warm without exaggeration! It’s impossible to describe all the bright colors of the island; you definitely need to see it with your own eyes! The entire island is surrounded by amazing coral reefs. We swam in the ocean and sunbathed before lunch, while in the afternoon we had the opportunity to see underwater world away from the shore. We were given masks, tubes and dived to take a closer look at corals, sea stars (there are lots of blue stars in Maldives), sea urchins, crabs and beautiful sharks and their babies.

We have also had a scheduled fishing trip in the near-by the uninhabited islands. In addition to fishing, in Maldives you can practice different kinds of water varieties. The resort offered us two types of diving opportunities: a full course of diving which lasts 4-5 days after which you get an international certificate, or an opportunity just to dive once for 20-30 minutes with an instructor. We have chosen the second one not to waste the whole honeymoon on diving lessons!

Every night after dinner we had some entertainment programs: We danced to the Maldivian traditional drums (Boduberu), various contests, crab races, etc… In one of the days of our honeymoon trip we visited the local islands of Kaafu atoll. The locals are pretty friendly and we loved every moment of these trips. We also came upon an old man who told us about the fascinating Maldivian ancient folklores.

We also took photos in the Maldivian national costumes which were lent to us by the friendly locals and also took part in weaving baskets from palm leaves and producing coconut ice cream and much more.

We were also offered excursions to the other islands and it was pretty amazing. Nature, water and sand – everything is so bright! We got to see the amazing secluded sand banks and many other things. It was incredibly amazing!!!

This is it: slowly, softly and interesting our vacation came to an end. How I hate to go back! We left Anantara Maldives with the thought that someday, we’ll get back here…