Indulging in the Maldivian culture

Learning about the Maldivian culture is always an added experience to your honeymoon. Below I’m going to highlight some of the places and things you can experience during your visit to Maldives.

Visit the Ancient bath house at Loamaa Resort

Bathing tank or vevu (Dhivehi) is found in the heritage site was used for public baths and bath rituals in the early days when the island was discovered even though the actual period of the vevu is unknown. However, the sandstone used in building the vevu points to the pre-Islamic period and also the symmetry of the two wells also points that it may have been a part of a temple before Islam was born to the island. This site is a really beautiful place to just relax and a chance to embrace the Maldivian culture.


Visiting the Traditional houses of Maldives

The villas and bungalows of the resort is mainly inspired by the Maldivian culture. In the early days people lived in small thatched houses. To this day, there are some people who choose to still live in the thatched houses. Some of these traditional houses have now been rebuilt for tourist attractions such as private dining, etc… These traditional houses can be found in many local islands.


Go fishing on a traditional dhoni

The traditional dhoni is one of the oldest sea vessel in Maldives. They are made from coconut palm timber. These dhonis also have a dhow and is used for fishing and transportations all around Maldives.  Fishing with your loved ones on a traditional dhoni is an added experience to your honeymoon. This is also one of the ways you can learn about the Maldivian culture.

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Dance to the Boduberu (traditional drums)

It is said that Boduberu was introduced to Maldives in the early 11th Century AD or possibly before that. It is something very big amongst the tourists and the locals of Maldives. The performing of the music is known as “vibrating the island”. Today the local famous songs are written for the rhythm of Boduberu and is used to perform in the local and international events. This is one of the prime aspects of Maldivian culture.


Visit the historical monuments of Maldives

Utheemu Ganduvaru, birth place of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaan, the Maldivian hero who saved Maldives from the Portuguese in the early 1580’s, Hukuru Miskiy (the old Friday mosque) and the national museum are some of the honeymooners attractions in Maldives. These places have a different story to it. Visiting these places will definitely help you to catch a glimpse of Maldivian culture.