Why We Loved Our Honeymoon in LUX* Maldives

This year has been pretty busy. Planning a wedding and a honeymoon while studying abroad is not an easy thing to do. But I took that challenge and now here I am.  In December, I married my handsome fiancé Alex.

When we planning on our honeymoon, we weren’t too sure of where to go. We felt we deserved a luxurious break after working some crazy hours. We agreed that it should be a place where we could sample great food and good wine but also it should be a place to enjoy the some water sports such as Jet skiing, waterskiing, scuba-diving, etc.. We discovered that LUX* Maldives has all those qualities we need and without hesitation, we booked a ten night holiday and started our countdown for the days.


From the moment our seaplane taxi tied up at the jetty after a 25-minute ride from the airport, we knew we have stepped into the heaven on earth. Staffs greeted us at the jetty with friendly smiles and a cold towel upon arrival. I must say that General Manager of public relations clearly works hard to maintain such an amazing team.

The island boasts 193 room (both beach and water villas) with their own plunge pools, seven restaurants, six bars, a gym  and an open air cinema. It was never too crowded and there were plenty of places where we didn’t see a soul. I really loved the fact that there were complimentary bikes to ride around the island.  Alex was a big fan of golf buggies that zipped around the island, especially when they carried us home after one too many of the amazing cocktails prepared by Fayaz and waddey in the lagoon bar of LUX* Maldives

The accommodation we stayed was at the contemporary water villa. The décor of the accommodation was pretty modern and featured lots of dark wood. The bathrooms and dressing areas were pretty huge and every morning, I loved to throw open the door just to take views of the cobalt blue ocean. Azim, who takes care of our room, makes pretty cool origami-like art with our bed linen and towels and also often fills our bath with rose petals and fragrant oils. It was a real treat to look forward to.

Choosing between the restaurants were really tough as all the restaurants we visited were pretty amazing and offered good services. We absolutely adore the food in Umami while Oliver and Brian who served us were so amazing.

Alex and I found it pretty easy to kick back and relax after setting foot on the pristine beaches and the lagoons. The recreational staff of LUX* Maldives was pretty amazing. They helped us choose from a wide variety of activities.

Overall we must say we loved our honeymoon experience at the resort. I would recommend all of you to go to this resort because for us? IT WAS AMAZING!