Maafushivaru – Honeymoon Bliss

Maafushivaru Maldives aerial

Our holiday began from the moment we arrived at the International airport of Maldives. We were taken to the resort’s private lounge at the seaplane area. Check-ins were done using an ipad which speeded up our arrival. We were then offered some snacks and soft drinks.

On arrival to Maafushivaru, we were met by a huge number of staff members including the manager and we were given a cold towel and a fruit cocktail. While we waited, we were given a quick introduction to the facilities and how life on the island runs. Our bags were taken into the hotel rooms which was good.

We stayed at a beach villa which was spacious, had a large wardrobe and most of all was set in a quiet corner.  Open bathroom might not be to everyone’s taste with it being open to the elements it gets a bit humid, but it is big and well stocked with towels and quality toiletries. There are two showers one inside and one outside should you wish to shower under the stars.

Our rooms were air-conditioned and was amazing. We had direct access to the beach and outside the large rear glass doors there is a private deck where we could relax and watch the amazing views of the ocean and the beach. Each villa has its own sun loungers and everyday staff put out cushions, towels and even put up the sun shade. Only downside to this side of the island is sometimes there was a bit of boat noise early morning or at night due to it being near the jetty.  We were lucky on our second week as we got to stay in a water villa which was also of a good size and had fantastic views of the ocean and the sunset.

We got to snorkel every day and we got to see some amazing marine lives and house reefs. All the meals we had were in buffet style and had something new every day. The food was always good quality and tasty, from the fresh salads, soup of the day, fresh grilled fish and the tons of deserts. All the waiting staff are friendly and were always polite with us and the restaurant never seemed crowded.

The bars were beautiful and had amazing cocktails and drinks. We were surely loving our holiday here.

Maafushivaru will always be a place where we will return again. We loved honeymoon here.