Our experience at Komandoo Maldives

Honeymoon at Komandoo Island Maldives

We stayed at Komandoo Island Maldives and I must say we loved every bit of this wonderful island. Originally a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip we feel it’s going to be difficult to find anywhere other than this island. My husband and I stayed here for a week for our honeymoon.

We stayed in a Jacuzzi Beach Villa on the sunset side. Yes it was windy this time and the weather was varied, but that adds to the whole experience. We had beautiful sunshine all the way.  Our accommodation was just amazing. Waking up in the morning and going to the beach which is in front of our villa to enjoy the sunshine and dipping our feet in the turquoise lagoon was something we looked forward to every single day during our honeymoon.  We went on a sunset cruise and was very lucky enough to see the beautiful dolphins and an amazing sunset. We went snorkeling and saw some very majestic sea creatures and vibrant house reefs. It was amazing! We sunbathed and I must say we had a lot of privacy. We even enjoyed the amazing cocktails in the Thundi bar which was sweet and amazing. We swam in the infinity pool which was awesome. We even got to enjoy an amazing Balinese massage in the spa and did so many things. Ah! How time flies.

We also enjoyed the company of some lovely people whilst also making the most of the romantic atmosphere by choosing to spend the majority of time with just the two of us.

The food in the restaurant is of an extremely high standard offering lots of variety and choices at Breakfast and Dinner Being all inclusive we could also have had lunch and afternoon tea but couldn’t quite fit them in.

The staffs were quite amazing. They were friendly, always welcoming and warm. The chefs of Komandoo are great guys especially the chef who made my omelets  every morning. I don’t know his name sadly but he made me smile every morning with his cheery disposition and converted me to having chili’s in my omelet.

The bar staff are fantastic, remembering our room number without reminder, always making us feel welcome and always smiling.
Special mention to Hoque who does such a fantastic job keeping the beach clean, without him it would be a different environment totally as one of the problems with being on the sunset side is that there seems to be a lot of debris washed up from the local island – nothing too unpleasant but lots of fruit peel, wheat bags, and one day a bag full of bottled water washed up. Hoque has a never ending job but is such a lovely guy and works such long hours and always has a smile and a cheery wave for everyone.

Overall, I love every bit of our honeymoon at Komandoo Maldives.