Honeymoon 101

How to Be the Perfect Honeymoon Groom

The wedding was a success without any dispute, your new bride is thrilled, the in-laws haven’t eaten you alive (yet), the cousins haven’t picked up a fight and the ceremony went as smooth as silk. Now the next part is to pull off an amazing honeymoon. Even if you have done all the packing and the preparations, there are so many other things that have to be done. Keeping the livelihood of the honeymoon is pretty important, and you, the groom plays an important part in this. Below I’m going to highlight some of the tips of how you can be the perfect honeymoon groom:

  • First of all: Relax

Since you have arrived to this point of planning the honeymoon, once you go the destination, relax!! Don’t rush into doing booking any activities and unpacking. Just take a moment to sink and be comfortable.



  • Surprise your new wife

Kickstart your honeymoon with a romantic gesture. Surprise her with a piece of unique jewelry while you invite her to a romantic dinner in a unique setting.  You can also propose a walk on the beach and then surprise her on a couple massage that you have pre-arranged. There are so many things you can do to surprise her.

perfect lunch Ja manafaru


  • Keep mementos

Keeping mementos as memories to look into after years to show it to your children and great grandchildren. These mementos don’t have to be something expensive but memorable. It can be something like a simple craft or a colorful pebble from the ocean, etc.. This helps to keep your newlywed passion alive. And most of all take pictures (It’s a must!) These are somethings a honeymoon groom can do.



  • Plan another

One way to keep the honeymoon passion alive is to think about your next honeymoon getaway. This way it will give something both will look forward to and will keep the fire burning hot.

  • Keep it going

Even if the honeymoon phase is over, always try to keep the spark going on. You have to be that perfect honeymoon groom. Surprise her with flowers, take her out to lunch on lunch breaks, go on romantic dates. These little things matter to her. All of these things are much more important than ever.



All of this takes a little effort from both of you. She’ll remember the little things you do for her, both big and small.  Every little gesture goes a long way towards keeping the bliss of your married life alive and well. This will make your relationship much stronger.