A Phenomenal Journey Through the World’s First Underwater Restaurant – Ithaa

Step in to the surreal world of pure bliss and serenity of Conrad Rangali Island Maldives.  The modern style and barefoot of the island offers its most famous attraction: Ithaa Restaurant – the world’s first underwater restaurant.

Dining at Ithaa restaurant is truly an unforgettable experience. The whole restaurant is curved, has transparent acrylic walls and roofs where you can see the vast ocean. You will feel like you’re taken to another world. While the views of this beautiful restaurant is an amazing, the food here is a delight too. The menus of this restaurants have many cuisines including tastes from Maldives, Western, Eastern and many other cuisines which suits your taste buds.

The dessert menu is just as amazing as the cuisines of Ithaa. The typical delights may be a chocolate fig dariole or a mascarpone infused with lemon grass espuma cream, or macaroon stuffed with mangoes and berries, or lime and limoncello custard and etc…


Even though Ithaa is very popular among everyone, the restaurant is relatively small. It can host up to 14 people at a time. So if you wish to get a booking there, get your booking and reservations done well in advance; week or months if you have to. If you do not want to have dinner or lunch here, you can choose to have a glass of champagne or a well-prepared cocktail, etc… Your visit to the Ithaa restaurant is definitely an amazing experience and you won’t regret it.

Ithaa was designed by a New Zealand design consultancy specialized in making large aquarium works. The whole restaurant structure was designed and constructed in  Singapore before it was brought to Maldives. The whole restaurant was then lowered five meters below the sea level and then stabilized with sand ballasts and fixed into position near the Conrad’s grill restaurant.