Honeymoon 101

Reasons why you should use a Travel Agent

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  1. The idea of planning a honeymoon in the midst of your wedding is so not appealing.

Having a travel consultant is like having a wedding planner for your honeymoon. After learning your interests and your honeymoon budget, they’ll draw up a day-by-day itinerary that lists attractions and activities suited to your interests and personalities. They’ll also recommend hotels and hotels which is most suitable for you on your honeymoon. If the itinerary isn’t quite right, you can always call back them to make changes before booking your trip.

  1. You don’t have time to read reviews of every hotel and restaurant in the area

You know what we’re talking about right? There are plenty of comprehensive travel review sites out there, but curation is key when you’re crunched for time. The team of these travel agents actually visit their favorite destinations regularly to scope out hot restaurants and the newest attractions, which means you can actually look to them for tips about the best places you wish to visit.

  1. You want to try to go somewhere really different on your honeymoon.

Hawaii is nice but you’re thinking of someplace none of your friends have been – like Maldives.  And, while friends and magazine articles can provide details about a particular destination, they don’t do as great of a job at providing big-picture insights like a person well-versed on the region can. The team of travel agents specializes in catering to honeymooners. Preparing itineraries for once-in-a-lifetime trips is their specialty. They can introduce you to unfamiliar regions, identify emerging hot spots, and compare the pros and cons of the similar destinations you wish to go to.

  1. Travel and airline websites are beyond stressful. Like a Lot!

Digging through flight schedules, comparing unfamiliar hotels and airlines, and signing up for travel alerts? Meh! Not so much. Obviously the function of the travel agent is to take all of that stress off of your hands and to do it for you. That’s exactly what these travel agents do (leaving you more time for tastings and to just enjoy being married).

  1. There’s no way you’re paying full price for airlines and hotels.

Travel discounts are all over the place but when you’re unfamiliar with a destination, it’s hard to know whether you’re missing better deals. Travel agents can also alert you to seasonal festivals that might bump up hotel prices, and they’re in-the-know when it comes to local businesses, which might offer betters deals than larger chains with flashier websites. Plus, low seasons (when prices are lower but the weather is still nice) are always on their radar.