Honeymoon 101

How To Save Money On Your Honeymoon

Whether you have decided to stay or not, there are plenty of ways to save money on your honeymoon. Here’s how:

1 – Always check the hotel website

Some hotels have hidden company policies. Be sure to know them before you make your booking or else you might end up paying more than you know and call them to confirm just in case or contact them through your travel operator.

2 – Tell them you’re honeymooners

Every time you talk to the hotel or travel operators, tell them you’re honeymooners because the hotels will try to cater you to become a repeat customer.

3 – Try to make a deal

Try to talk with a senior travel consultant or a reservation manager and try to get a good deal out of them. If you get to them and get them to convince to give you a deal, it’s worth a shot. This is also an important tip on how to save money on your honeymoon.

4 – Ask for upgrades.

When you check in, ask them if they have upgraded rooms with better views and more facilities. If you’re polite and really friendly, you might be lucky.

5 – Be social

Tag the hotel every time you make an Instagram, Facebook or twitter post. In that way, you get to promote the hotel. They might even offer you complimentary dinners or lunches if you do so.