Things to do at Kuredu Maldives

Kuredu Maldives showing the sand bank

Dine under the stars : Create everlasting memories as you watch the amazing sunset colors and welcome the star studded sky of Kuredu Maldives. Sit in a beach cabana in a private sand destination where nothing exists except for the both of you. Let the waves and the sand touch your feet as you listen to the soft music of the waves and enjoy the chilly wind. After dinner, walk around the island hand in hand.



Renewal of vows: What could be more amazing than the renewal of vows in a beautiful setting with a beautiful backdrop with the sunset hues, turquoise waters and pristine beaches.  The Maldivian touch is uniquely designed to add a delightful sensory bounty to your ceremony. The vastness of the ocean and the sheer beauty of the island will leave you in a pleasant suspense of what lies ahead in your life together.

renewal of vows


Cast away to the dream Island: Imagine yourself cast away in a private island with your husband or wife. And all you see is White powdery beach, pristine water lagoon, and sunny skies. Welcome to your own patch of paradise! Immerse yourself in the joy of being alone on a sandbank where the coral sand and the balmy waves of the Indian Ocean caress your feet. Allow to be disturbed by nothing but the feeling of complete relaxation, sense of joy and looming realization that nothing compares to having your own Dream Island.

dream island

Jacuzzi Indulgence

Surprise your partner with a romantic bath prepared in your villa. With bath oils, essences and sweet smelling flowers indulge in these amazing aromas. See the smile on your loved one’s face as you return to your villa – decorated patio and a romantically set up Jacuzzi. For the comfort of your bath, let the staffs prepare some fine sparkling wine and a selection of tropical fruits.



Take photographs : You know how you should always keep photographs of your beautiful honeymoons and romantic get always. Hire Kuredu Maldive’s professional photographer to take captures of your favorite moments.