Honeymoon 101

Things No One Tells You About Your Honeymoon

Honeymooners by the sea

Below is an insider’s guide what to expect when you are on your honeymoon especially if this is your first trip as the newlyweds. (Hint: there may be petals on the bed, but everything might not be coming up roses).

You’ll forget to plan it

When you’re planning a normal vacation, you’d spend months and weeks reading and looking up on finding the perfect location, researching plane flights and hotels and what not coming up with fun things  you can do while you are on your holiday. But this isn’t your normal life. This is your wedding planning life so you’ll be really very busy. But it’s better to set some time to do the panning. You’ll be really glad that you have a really relaxing all ready and planned for you to enjoy.


It will feel special

You do remember the scene in Friends series where Monica and Chandler sees a couple that’s all over each other right. (Those who have watched it knows what I’m talking about) You may swear at all those clichés of couples cuddling at the airport or holding hands and you might say that it’s so not you two, don’t be too surprised when you catch yourself cuddling and stealing kisses at the airport and the baggage claim. You’re celebrating a really big and a happy event, Of course you deserve to show the whole world you’re married. Also you no longer have the stress of planning the trip. So enjoy your honeymoon trip.

Not able to fully enjoy the first few days

Don’t be too down when your honeymoon feels like it’s not fun. You may think that a couple of hours in the sun will relax and rejuvenate your senses. You’ll have so much adrenaline pushing you through the wedding that you may be exhausted or just feel kind of out of it for the first day or so. Prepare to go with the flow, be kind to yourselves and maybe push that adventurous scuba excursion or canoeing and etc…

It’s not all about sex

You may think that when you have ordered the expensive bottle of wine to your honeymoon suite and wore your sexy lingerie which you got at your bachelorette party romance will be on the air 24/7. You do know that too much sun, Island hopping, scuba diving and enjoying various other excursions can have its tolls. Do something lame on one of these nights like watching a TV show in a foreign language (and trying to decipher the plotline) while eating some room service.

Sh*t might happen

Expect the unexpected. Your hotel may not be as wonderful as the pictures, miss a connecting flight or you might get sick. but if you roll with the punches when things go wrong, you’ll be able to enjoy all the amazing things that go right. And keep in mind that most hotels have doctors on call to help and medicine in the gift shop, but pack a few Imodium and Advil in your suitcase just in case (it’ll be way cheaper than buying it there).

You might not want to come home

Since the resort or hotel is so wonderful you might not want to come back. Whether you’ve already been on tons of vacations as a couple or this is your first big one together, coming back from your honeymoon is a quick trip back to reality (sorry!) and everything you’ve been neglecting while you were planning your wedding, like a stack of work, your taxes or cleaning the bathroom. Planning your next trip can ease the pain a little, as can scheduling a fun date night for the weekend after you’re back.