Honeymoon 101

Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon

Like most brides, when I started planning my perfect honeymoon at first I really had no idea where to start. I have always wanted everything to be perfect. After planning my own honeymoon, I’ve learned a thing or a two (or thirty) and I’m sharing the Do’s and Don’ts when planning a honeymoon.

1 – Start with a honeymoon fund

Start with putting aside a little money each week for your perfect honeymoon even if it is one dollar. Believe me, when the time comes, you’ll be happy you did so.

2 – Location

Always choose a location that you both have always love and also add the activities you both enjoy. This way, you both would be able to enjoy the bliss of your honeymoon.



3 – Stick to your budget!! (Seriously)

4 – Have no expectations.

Now you do realize that the picture you see on the internet and the real location you see is totally different. Also when you don’t expect anything, you can’t be unhappy.  Don’t let the little things ruin your amazing perfect honeymoon.


5 – Read the reviews of your honeymoon destination

TripAdvisor is one place to start. Some hotels and destinations may have limited access to different activities or there may be somethings you may need to look out for (just saying)


6 – Do things that exhilarates  you

You have heard of the saying “Do one thing that scares you” right? Well your perfect honeymoon shouldn’t be full of fear. You should choose one crazy thing that is exciting. This will be an added memory to your honeymoon.



7 – Get the help of a Travel Consultant

It helps. They can give you tons of traveling destinations and activities which makes your honeymoon more memorable.

8 – Allow for adequate travel time

10 – Not sure of where to go? Start searching the internet and other incentives to find the perfect place


11 – Be ready ahead of time! So that you won’t have to do the packing at the last minute

15 – Keep your valuables safe.

16 – Wear comfortable clothes (Depending on your destinations)

17 – Don’t forget your passport

18 – Make a list of your must-see destinations


19 – Don’t over-pack

Don’t start packing unnecessary clothes and stuff. You will need rooms for souvenirs.


21 – Always bring the necessities along

You will need mosquito repellents, sunscreens, band-aid, etc… Also if you plan on going on a cruise or traveling on a boat, be sure to bring the sea sickness medications and if you have a bad case of allergies, be sure to bring the doctor prescribed medicine.


22 – Be Romantic

23 – Put down your cell phone

You don’t need to be attached to your phone. Put down you phones and have a real conversation with your spouse. Don’t sit at dinner surfing through the internet and updating every little thing of what happens in your honeymoon

24 – Don’t worry about not completing every little thing that is listed in your honeymoon

Feeling tired? Take a rest. Don’t drive yourself crazy just to complete it.

25 – Check the weather

Don’t let rain or anything ruin your plans.

26 – Remember to take pictures

Keep pictures of your honeymoon moments for you to look at them and smile.

27 – Surprise your spouse

Arrange a romantic dinner in a secluded pavilion or sand bank, etc… or go on a cruise to see the beautiful colorful sunsets for a perfect honeymoon kisctsart.


28 – Buy a souvenir

The Souvenirs you buy or collect doesn’t have to be expensive but memorable.

29 – Cross something off your bucket list!

Always wanted to swim with dolphins? Visit a particular place? Learn a new language? Well there is no better time that now!

Huvafen_Fushi_Around_the_Island (7)

30 – Relax and have fun


Happy planning you guys: D