Honeymoon 101

Ways to make your Honeymoon more romantic – Part II

Walking by the beach is a romantic thing to do while you're on your honeymoon

Before I have highlighted the basic tips on making your honeymoon more romantic. And now below I have highlighted more tips for you to note down.

Try something new everyday

You may not have a bucket list, but we’re pretty sure you have something in mind that you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the courage to before. Whether it’s skydiving or parasailing, both you and your partner should do something you have always wanted to do. The feeling of overcoming your fears will make you feel energized and more romantic

Make it musical

Here’s something real fun to do and this is also something we’re really fond of doing. Here’s an innovative way to make yourself a romantic playlist without thinking too hard about what songs the two of you identify with. Every time you have a great moment at a restaurant, club or bar, note down the songs that are playing the background. You can use your phone to track down the song or you can simply ask someone what song that is. Make a list and by the time your honeymoon is done, you’ll have memories, music and nights you will never forget.

Share something every day

This tip is something that is very simple to do but will mean so much in the long run. Share a little something with your partner every day. A secret dream, a life ambition or something as small as an insecurity or what made you first fall in love with your partner. It’s a bonding experience that can be fulfilling and very romantic.

Have a massage

Couple massages may not be too new for you but they are really romantic. And your honeymoon is absolutely the best time to convince your spouse to head over for one with you. It’s fun, it’s romantic and its rejuvenating. You can book a long session so that it takes up the entire evening, and then cuddle up together once you’re both relaxed and rejuvenated.

Plan a picnic

Set your romantic dates and dinners aside. Nothing is more memorable than planning a picnic in a foreign city. Choose one of the most romantic spots in the area and pick your favorite local foods and snacks like the locals would. You can sit together and watch people, experience a bit of the local culture while you stroll around the island. This is something really fun to do. In that way you can spend time together.