Honeymoon 101

Ways to Make Your Honeymoon More Romantic – Part I

Honeymooners at Maldives

Your Honeymoon is always one of the most important events in your life especially if is your first honeymoon. Below I have highlighted things you can do to make your honeymoon memorable and romantic.

1 – Concentrate where you’re going

First things first. Pick a location and stick to it! I know it’s hard to choose from so many locations. But choose a location where you both really wants to go and want to enjoy. This is a quick tip you can use before your honeymoon starts! Think long and hard, because unless you’re in a relationship with your Siamese twin or one of you is lying to the other, there’s no way you’re going to agree about everything. Make sure you pick a location, activities and even stay that is carefully created for both of you. That way, you’ll both enjoy every moment of it.


2 – Plan surprises

Your honeymoon are the only times in which you really get to be really free. Enjoy this phase by being extra romantic (even if you’re not the romantic type). We’re not telling you to pack a special suitcase of treats to greet your loved one with every morning that you’re on vacation, instead surprise your loved ones with small things such as going on a romantic dinner, picking a restaurant which serves  your loved ones favorite food, going on a picnic, etc…


3 – Tell everyone around you

If you’ve watched friends, you’d know the episode in which Monica and Chandler encounters a couple which shows that they are so ridiculously in love? We’re not telling you to expect the same types of freebies, but it will help make your experience more romantic. Be open about the fact that you’re on your honeymoon and you will get an entirely different service experience, whether it’s from an airhostess or in your hotel. Just make sure you’re not that annoying couple who can’t keep their hands off each other in public.


4 – Shut everything out

One of the easiest ways to make your trip more romantic is to say goodbye to all the distractions that stop you from being mushy on a daily basis. Keep yourself away from things that distracts you. You don’t wanna spend your whole honeymoon playing with your phone and watching movies right? Instead carry a camera instead of your phone so that you’re not tempted to check messages in-between taking pictures while you’re exploring the island.


5 – Don’t make a list

Be spontaneous. Sure it’s good to have an itinerary. But if you pack too many things to do in it, you’ll miss out on exploring the area together – which can be one of the most romantic parts of a honeymoon! Take a stroll through the city or town that you visit and explore things spontaneously rather than following a set list.